#TRENDINGTUESDAY Hayley Winder, Hayley Winder Hair, Nails & Beauty

By Sophie Nutt | 25 December 2018 | Feature, Tech Talk

Hayley Winder Nails

We want to see the designs trending at your nail desk!

Hayley Winder, of Hayley Winder Hair, Nails & Beauty, says clients have been opting for Christmassy colour combinations and sparkles.

“My clients like the classic red but don’t want obvious Christmas colours, so they are not all walking around with the same nails as everyone else.

“I created this design with the colour choice in mind but adding in the traditional Christmas snowflakes and, of course, a bit of glitter and crystal details.

“I love this particular look because of how the colours pop against each other and the length and the shape really show it all off.”

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