#TRENDINGTUESDAY Keron Finney , Fin-esse Hair, Nails and Beauty

By Sophie Nutt | 07 November 2017 | Feature, Tech Talk

Keron Finney Trending Tuesday

We want to see the designs trending at your nail desks!

Keron Finney, owner of Fin-esse Hair, Nails and Beauty revealed that the marble effect nail design has been popular with her clients recently.

“The design was achieved by double or triple dipping the acrylic bed and using it wet, then swirling on the nail to get the desired effect before shaping. Marble effects are popular everywhere at the moment, however no one asked for the design until I wore it on my own nails for two weeks – then all of my clients, both gel and acrylic, were asking to have it on their own nails.

“I usually use white as the main colour and have been using an accent colour and a complimentary glitter too. Black with silver glitter is quite effective, but the autumnal colours are popular at the moment. Grey, purple and burgundy have all been really popular at my desk this month.”

Take a look at Keron’s work by clicking here!