#TRENDINGTUESDAY Laura Chree, Chreeative Nails

By Sophie Nutt | 06 February 2018 | Feature, Tech Talk

We want to see the designs trending at your nail desk!

Laura Chree, of Chreeative Nails, revealed that marble nail art has been really popular with clients recently.

“I think marble is particularly popular because it can be done in so many different ways! I love that any colour is achievable.

“This set was done using sharpie pens and IPA, allowing the ink to bleed and blending the colour out with a brush. However, this look can also be achieved using acrylic paints or acrylic powders. The media I choose depends what colour my base is, but Sharpies are always FAB on white because of their vibrancy.

“This design is quick and simple, meaning that it’s a great option for a client that hasn’t booked in for nail art but still wants a little something extra.”

Check out more of Laura’s work by clicking here