#TRENDINGTUESDAY Laura Easby, Laura’s Beauty

By Sophie Nutt | 05 March 2019 | Feature, Tech Talk

Laura Easby

We want to see the designs trending at your nail desk!

Laura Easby, of Laura’s Beauty, reveals neon hues have been popular with her clients recently.

“Honestly, I think clients’ nails totally depend on their mood and the season. Last week we hit 16 degrees and everyone lost their minds and wanted neon! When I asked this client what she fancied, she said ‘bright’ and I said ‘how bright?’, she said ‘bright, bright!, so she got neon!

“We’ve got my client’s nails looking so gorgeous by using The Gel Bottle Builder In A Bottle as the base to keep them super long and strong, then a base of white gel and cure. I then went in with Magpie Beauty Neon Pigments and dabbed all of the different colours across the 10 nails, brushed off the excess pigment and painted a clear gel coat and cured. I then added some gold foil and used spider gel – that, if I’m honest, is totally uncontrollable stringy sticky gel that has a mind of its own but makes amazing mess – before curing for 60 secs and finished with my favourite matte top coat by The Gel Bottle Inc.

“I’m usually one for ‘less is more’ but I recently saw a quote on Instagram that said ‘more is more and less is a bore’ and as I was doing them I kept thinking, ‘now I’ll do a bit of this, not some of this…’ – it was chaos and I loved it! You could do this design with all different colours and styles: it could be so versatile and can cheer up anyone’s day!”

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