#TRENDINGTUESDAY Laura Wenn, Nails by Laura

By Kat Hill | 17 January 2017 | Feature, Tech Talk

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We want to see the designs that are trending at your nail desk!

Laura Wenn of Nails by Laura has found that ‘brushed’ effect nails have been causing a stir among her clients. “”I think this design element has been popular as chrome and holo powders were all the  craze last year, but this adds a funky twist to it!” Laura explains.

“My clients often see the pictures I post on my business page,” Laura adds. “A lot of the time they see something they like and come to next appointment asking for something similar. They know I don’t like to replicating designs, so we change it up a little! It’s very rare I copy something exactly. I love using pigments as you can incorporate it into any design of nails.”

“To create the brushed effect, I apply Miss Lucy’s chrome or holo powder over the finished nail, brushing off the excess. Next, I wipe off as much top coat from the brush as possible and brush it over the nail lightly. I then cure before cleansing  to wipe the remaining exposed chrome or holo pigment. This means you’re left with the brushed look. I then finish with a topcoat and cure.”

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