#TRENDINGTUESDAY Lauren Holmes, Nailed It Beauty

By Sophie Nutt | 10 July 2018 | Feature, Tech Talk

Lauren Holmes Nails

We want to see the designs trending at your nail desk!

Lauren Holmes, of Nailed It Beauty, reveals that Lana heart nail looks are constantly popular with her clients, however the summer months has seen the design incorporate bright and pretty hues.

“As the sun is out, all the bright colours are coming out – and let’s face it, everyone LOVES a Lana heart nail! They look so good and are a great way to disguise growth too. My clients love them no matter what time of the year.

“This set of nails are Gelish Polygel extensions. The Light Pink Polygel makes the perfect base colour for the hearts. When I do these on natural nails, I tend to use a light sheer pink. For these, we used five different bright colours. I painted the hearts using the brush from the bottle; no nail art tools. First, I paint the colour into a V on the tip of the nail, then making sure I’ve scraped most of the colour off my brush I round the V’s off into heart shapes. Cure, repeat and top coat! It’s so simple!

“I love Lana hearts in any colour, or with added glitter, foils, or even nail art. This particular set I love though as my client was off to Disney. She didn’t want your typical all out Disney nails so these were super cute as every different colour matches a Disney princess.”

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