By Kat Hill | 11 July 2017 | Feature, Tech Talk

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We want to see the designs trending at your nail desk!

Leanne Furley has found the fabulous French is always popular with her clients.

“For me, I’ve always loved the understated elegance of a classic French manicure,” Leanne explains, “With the rise in trend of nude nail colours I have seen an increase in clients asking for French manicures. Some of my clients have had this due to their jobs requiring them to have clean, fresh looking nails or they are only able to have nude colours. Some want to have just a hint of colour but still want a natural look, while others just want a change from brightly coloured nails. The best thing about a French manicure is that it looks great for all nail lengths and is suitable for any occasion.

“To create my French manicures, I start by choosing a nude polish that I feel best complements my clients’ skin tone. I then sanitise and prepare the nail. ready for polish. I push back cuticles, file and shape the free edge before appling Cuccio Prep and Cuccio Fuse to all nails and allow to air dry.

“Next I apply a thin layer of Cuccio Base and cure with the Cuccio Max Pro 2 Led lamp. I then apply two thin layers of my chosen nude colour My most popular shades is Cuccio Nude-a-tude. I cure each layer for 30 seconds.

“To create the perfect smile line, I use a fine nail art striping brush and apply Cuccio Verona Lace to the tips of the nails. I ensure I cap the free edge of the nails and cure for 30 seconds. I then repeat this step to sharpen any smile lines and enhance the colour. I then apply one layer of top coat, again making sure that I cap the free edge. I then wipe over each nail with a cleanser to remove the tacky layer and finish off with some cuticle oil and a hand massage as a treat!”

Cuccio products are available from www.cuccio.co.uk