#TRENDINGTUESDAY Lois Broderick, Lois Rose Beauty

By Sophie Nutt | 21 April 2020 | Feature, Tech Talk

Lois Broderick

We want to see the nail designs that are popular with your clients on social media!

Lois Broderick, of Lois Rose Beauty, reveals sunflower-inspired nail looks are popular with her clients at the moment.

“Sunflowers symbolise adoration and longevity, they are known for being happy flowers and I believe this is why this set has been so popular. They’re a burst of spring that I think we have all been waiting for! Even though this set is simple, it screams contrast and I wanted to make sure that the detail of the flower would stand out. The contrast is complementary. If something pops out at you, you naturally want to look at it for longer.

“I absolutely love this nail look. It was created when spring was just emerging, inspired by the thought of sunnier days that were coming. Sunflowers are my favourite flowers, this inspired me to create a beautiful floral set such as this.

“This simple yet attractive design was created using all The Gel Bottle Inc products. I used BIAB in Teddy for the background shade and used the shades Bellwort, Icelandic Summer, Daisy, Chocolate and Jet Black for the sunflowers. I hand painted the sunflowers with a fine liner and also a detailer brush. I started with the centre detail and worked my way outwards to the petals, starting with the lighter ones first and then gradually adding and building the darker ones. Before curing the top layer of petals, I dragged white though to create the rippling/ridged effect that the petals naturally have. To finish, I used Extreme Shine Top Coat. This also helps to bring out the contrast between the natural background and the detailed flower.

“I am in my element when creating freehand designs and this one in particular!”

Check out more of Lois’ work on Instagram!