#NOWTRENDING: Rainbow camo & intergalactic nail by Scott Featherstone

By Helena Biggs | 02 June 2020 | Feature, Tech Talk

Scott Featherstone Nail Art

Get to know Scott Featherstone of Dapper & Dolly, as he shares some eye-catching nail creations and inspirations…

“I began my nail journey back in 2015. It was an accident really and was never in my plans,” Scott reveals. “I’d been working for my local council for 14 years and was refused a brow treatment for being male at two establishments so decided to try my hand at beauty.

“I started with waxing, and then I went on a gel polish course. My nail passion became more than a hobby when my girl friends put faith in me and gave me their regular custom. In Dec 2016, I opened my own salon in Teesside which was a massive success. I have since trained in L&P acrylic application, PolyGel and e-file use and have been part of a number of a number nail art courses. In February, I moved to Manchester to start a new chapter for Dapper & Dolly.” Scott’s success has also seen him scoop the 2018 English Hair & Beauty Award for Most Outstanding Salon of the Year and 2019 British Hair & Beauty Award for Beautician of the Year.

During lockdown, Scott has pummelled his energy into his social media platforms and concentrating on his business. He has taken part in a number of nail art and e-file workshops and built some new relationships with fellow techs, and even broadcast live via social media to showcase nail art skills and discuss mental health. Scott’s also been keeping his creativity alive by sharing a number of nail art designs.

“I’m a bit of split personality when it comes to nail styles,” he reveals. “I love to go all out with nail art, and my favourite time of the year for a theme is Halloween or gay pride season.

“Although I like nail art, I equally love a classy, plain set of nails. My favourite shades are The Gel Bottle Inc’s Jet Black, Bonfire, Petal & Velvet Red.”

Scott created ‘rainbow camo nails’ using The Gel Bottle’s Hola Holo shade as a base colour, finished with a matte top coat. He then chose a selection of Magpie Inkies and randomly placed dots of each shade on the nails. “I layered each colour to get the right intensity, and then bled them to give the camo shapes edging. When dry, I then topped it off with Extreme Shine Top Coat.”

For an intergalactic themed design, Scott used The Gel Bottle Inc’s Jet Black as a base colour before putting random sweeps of Stick It on the nails. After curing for 30 seconds, he rubbed Holographic Star Foil over the Stick It and followed with a matte top coat. “I then choose four Magpie Inkies and randomly put dots of each colour on the nails, going over each colour to add intensity where required,:” he reveals. “Once dry, I finished with Extreme Shine Top Coat.”

On his passion for this industry, Scott reveals: “As a child, my school reports revealed that I was easily distracted, and that hasn’t changed going into my adult life. My job now definitely keeps my attention and allows for constant variety.

“I love the community, creativity and customer relationships that can be built in this industry. It gives a great sense of inclusivity.”

Scott is hosting nail art workshops via the @dapperdollyworkshop Instagram page for a one off access fee of £10. “The workshops currently include how to create the rainbow camo and intergalactic designs, and also the addition of Rainbow Torties. I have new designs scheduled to be added on a regular basis at no additional cost.”

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