By Kat Hill | 18 July 2017 | Feature, Tech Talk

We want to see the designs trending at your nail desk!

Samantha Moore has found her clients have been requesting glittery encapsulated designs – which they’ve renamed ‘glass nails’!

Since I completed my level three qualification, I have found that my personal style and client based lean towards sculpted and encapsulated glitter designs,” Samantha explains. “My clients just love the glitter and crystal like shine that encapsulated nails can give. Recently there has been a surge in the mermaid nail trend which has evolved into many of my clients asking for mermaid coloured glitters but with clear tips which they have dubbed ‘glass nails’! They are delicate, colourful and are replacing requests for Swarovski being.

“To create this look I first began with nail prep and then fitting my chosen forms. Next I used NSI Nail Pure Plus to clean and dehydrate, then two coats of acid free primer. Using a medium wet bead I laid down the structure of the nail tip. On the index finger, I blended a small bead of NSI Rose Blush up past the free edge of the natural nail and did the same on the pinkie finger using a mix of cover pink and iridescent glitter. I used this same mix to create the nail bed on the middle finger using the reverse method.

“For the thumb nails I used purple and green glitters to create an ombre, patting the glitters into a wet layer to ensure even distribution. On the pinkie and index fingers I used a wet brush to pat on blue chameleon flakes leaving clear space at the free edge. For the middle finger, I used a wet bead of clear to pick up a mix of purple and green fine glitters which I placed on the tip, covering it evenly. On the ring finger I used a wet bead of clear to pick up purple tinsel, stars, fine green and purple glitter which I placed in the centre of the nail sweeping diagonally and leaving the tip and some of the cuticle area clear.

“After making sure the design was right I went back and encapsulated all of the nails in clear powder, making sure all of the glitter and chameleon flakes were properly covered to prevent losing them during filing. I then filed the nails to the desired pointed almond shape, making sure the cuticles were flush. I brushed off all the dust from the nails, paying careful attention to the underside of the free edge and wiped over with gel residue remover. To finish I applied top coat to both the enhancement and underneath the free edge, before a swipe of cuticle oil!”