#TRENDINGTUESDAY Samantha Redhead, Nails By Samantha

By Sophie Nutt | 12 May 2020 | Feature, Tech Talk

Samantha Redhead

We want to see the designs trending on your social media pages!

Samantha Redhead, of Nails By Samantha, says detailed 3D work has been popular with clients on her social media platforms.

“These nails are packed with so much detail. There is something for everyone to enjoy and 3D work is so effective, it adds something extra to the nails. This technique I learned from Crystal Nails Leeds.

“I created the nails using a variety of products including Gel Perfection Gel Polish from Diamond Glitters. I used Gel Perfection Make It Velvet Top Coat for the finish of the nails, as this gives a lovely cushioned effect. I also stamped a subtle pattern on the nails using MoYou London Stamping Polish. For the 3D elements I used 4D gel, as it gives you plenty of time to work with it and create the design you wish. The designs are finished off with crystals and opals to give that special look. In parts of the design I also used Rainbow Flakes and Gold Striping Tape from Diamond Glitters.

“I love this look for its unique style. There is so much you could do with it and so many backgrounds you can create for different occasions. I can’t wait to start creating these designs with my clients when we return to work.”

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