#TRENDINGTUESDAY Suzanne Edge, Sparkle Beauty

By Sophie Nutt | 14 August 2018 | Feature, Tech Talk

Suzanne Edge Nails

We want to see the designs trending at your nail desk!

Suzanne Edge, of Sparkle Beauty, reveals designs inspired by the ever-popular mermaid trend have attracted a lot of attention from her clients recently.

“This nail design is inspired by the mermaid trend. My client was going on holiday and I wanted to create a sparkly set with a twist. It’s really unusual and super effective. I’ve had many compliments on this set.

“To create this look I used a cover and clear acrylic with mermaid paper and glitters from Diamond Glitters. I also used an array of mixed crystals that matched the colours in the design. I first started with a super thin clear base and, from there, I used a very thin wet layer of clear to apply my strips of mermaid paper. After that, I applied a reverse smile line to the index fingers and a blended cover base on the little finger and thumb. Once applied, I used very wet beads again to apply my glitters, fading both colours into each other. The middle finger was a simple ombre using a light blue, cover and several glitters built up in a glitter trail. When all design work was completed, I capped all the nail in clear to protect the designs.

“I love how effective the mermaid paper is – it completely changed the entire look into something very special and perfect for summer!”

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