#TRENDINGTUESDAY Tricia Rennie, Tricia Rennie Nail Artist

By Sophie Nutt | 22 May 2018 | Feature, Tech Talk

Tricia Rennie Nails

We want to see the designs trending at your nail desk!

Tricia Rennie, of Tricia Rennie Nail Artist, reveals that this ombre design with hints of decadent gold has been popular with her clients recently.

“This design and colour is popular as it matches absolutely everything and is amazing for any occasion.

“I used foil for the flecks of gold on the ring and index fingers and used a gold chrome pigment on the middle fingers to create an ombre effect. The base is a pink and white ombre finished with a matte topcoat.

“I love this look because it’s quite natural in appearance and very subtle, but still glamorous.”

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