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Katie Barnes

Understanding the 3/32-inch shank size with E-file bits

By Katie Barnes | 05 March 2024 | Expert Advice, Feature

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If you’re a nail technician, you may have come across the term, ‘3/32-inch shank size’, when shopping for E-file bits. But what does this measurement mean, and why is it crucial to understand it for a seamless nail filing experience?

The shank size of an E-file bit refers to the diameter of the part that is inserted into the electric file or handpiece. The 3/32-inch shank size is most commonly used and widely available in the nail industry. It has become the standard size for E-file bits, due to its compatibility with most professional electric nail files on the market.


Why is shank size important?

Understanding the shank size of E-file bits is essential for a few reasons:

  1. Compatibility: E-files have a chuck system that securely holds the E-file bit in place. The chuck is designed to fit a specific shank size, usually 3/32-inch. Using bits with the correct shank size ensures a perfect fit, preventing the bit from slipping or wobbling during use.
  2. Performance: A proper fit between the E-file bit and the electric file or handpiece improves overall performance. It allows for smoother and more precise filing without vibration.
  3. Safety: Using E-file bits with the correct shank size reduces the risk of accidents or injuries. A snug fit ensures that the bit remains securely in place, minimising the chances of it flying off or causing damage to the nail or surrounding skin.


Finding the right E-file bits

When shopping for E-file bits, it’s crucial to check the shank size to ensure compatibility with your E-file. Look for bits specifically labelled as 3/32-inch to ensure a proper fit.

Additionally, consider other factors such as the material, shape, size and grit of the E-file bits. Different materials and shapes are designed for specific purposes, such as cuticle work, shaping or removing bulk. The grit determines the coarseness of the bit and varies based on your technique.

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Understanding the 3/32-inch shank size when it comes to E-file bits is essential for a seamless and safe nail filing experience. Compatibility with your E-file or handpiece ensures a secure fit, optimal performance and reduces the risk of accidents. By selecting the right E-file bits, you’ll be well-equipped to achieve the perfect results.

Love Katie B xx