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USA’s FingerNailFixer launches vlog to offer education programs for budding nail artists

By Alex Fox | 02 July 2021 | Feature, Training

holly schippers vlog

Holly Schippers AKA #FingerNailFixer has changed up her nail delivery and started a YouTube vlog for nail professionals.

“Education is my ‘thing’,” states Holly. “And when the pandemic arrived, it hit me hard.  I could not longer travel and educate across the States. I knew I had to change it up, still be relevant and different. My focus was to help as any nail techs as possible offering classes and tutorials. I realised the best way would be to provide free classes via YouTube with extra content and classes for those that subscribe to my vlog.


holly schippers with marian newman

Holly Schippers with Marian Newman BEM


holly shcippers with doug schoon

Holly Schippers with Doug Schoon


“Since I don’t sell product, I did need to find a way to make money while doing what i love most, so various levels of vlog content really appealed to me. This way i get to give my most valuable commodity, my time.”

Promising lively content, the vlog will offer nail pros ideas on how to present social media accounts, as well as working through the Light Elegance Bachelors program and the more recent Nail Knowledge courses written and presented by Marian Newman BEM alongside Doug Schoon and Vitaly Solomonoff. 


Marian Newman delivering her expertise on the Nail Knowledge education platform

This vlog allows for engagement and interaction via the comments section – and Holly is accessible, ready and willing to connect with nail techs as she builds her nail community. Check out the vlog & follow her ion IG too.

Check out Holly here: –

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