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Want to be a better nail stylist? Cultivate your clever with a 5-day bootcamp or 10-week intensive nail masterclass

By Alex Fox | 21 May 2021 | Feature, Training

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Nail champion, expert, educator & mentor – Ela Loszczyk has crafted a series of classes, workshops & bootcamps all focused on the nail professional for a career enhancement injection.

People say that one small thing or decision can change your whole life in an instant. Well it’s true. Here’s my story…

I had my nails done for the first time in July 2005. I didn’t know it then, but my life and career path were about to change completely from that day forth and that specific service. I loved watching the tech doing my nails. It was fascinating and I was hooked. I knew this was what I wanted to do.

My first nail training was in September the same year. I remember being so excited about it; full of hopes and dreams. And sadly, it turned out to be a disaster. The educator told me to build a hill in the middle of the nail and left me for the rest of the day. I didn’t learn much, but it was a blessing in disguise, because I made a huge decision. One day I too would become an educator – and I already knew what type of educator I didn’t want to be!

Originally from Poland, I moved to Scotland in 2006 with my ex-husband. I continued to take nail courses and workshops, as I believe in order to be really good at what you do, you can never know too much, so continuous learning is essential. I also believe, if you like doing something – become amazing at it.

In 2008 I opened a salon and decided to enter my very first competition. I travelled back to Poland to undertake competition training with a Polish champion, as I understood that salon nails were not enough to reach competition standards.

The first contest I entered was the Scottish Championships in my home town of Edinburgh, and… I won! I took 1st and 2nd places. It was an amazing experience and a massive boost to my confidence. These placings were an amazing reward for all my hard work, determination and hours upon hours spent practicing. And I wanted more!

In 2010, two years into competing, I won over 20 top places and the titles of Scottish and UK Nail Champion. I reached my goal, my massive dream had come true and it was time to work towards new ones.

The same year I became the only and first master educator for the company I was working with and the sole distributor of its products in the UK. I established an academy with 15 educators across the UK, who were teaching and providing classes according to my standards and teaching methods.

In 2012 I had my second child and needed to make changes to my work-life balance, as it was not possible to maintain the same lifestyle. I was traveling a lot teaching live classes, running the academy and salon, selling products while also doing clients.

So together, with my ex-husband, who was part of the business, we decided to start recording my courses and start an online academy. We closed the shop and as of that day I began focusing on education, as it was, and still is, my biggest passion and drive.

At first it was one course that I recorded and sold as a DVD. That was it. Very simple, but it worked. People liked it, were buying it and getting really good results from it. Their positive feedback catalysed massive encouragement in me to do more and try other things that, at the time, no one else in the nail industry was doing.

On one occasion, I discovered a personal development training session that was being held in London. At the time I was really interested in self-improvement; the positive mindset, law of attraction and continuous personal growth concepts. I noted that one of the speakers was highlighting the impact that publishing your own book can have on your business and career. Something told me I had to know more, so I bought a ticket and headed to London to learn how to write and publish a book.

I loved it. So much I went home, sat in front of my computer and five weeks’ later I’d written,  Win the Nail Game – Competition Success Made Simple, which four weeks’ later was published. After some issues with a publishing company, I decided to self-publish, which turned out to be another blessing in disguise.

The book details nail competitions, simply because I love them so much and I know the impact they can have on a career. I wasn’t really thinking if anyone was going to buy it, I just felt this need to write it. To my joy I then sold around 500 copies.

Eighteen months later I had another calling. I was literally obsessed with nail structure, consistency and shapes. I dreamed about them, worked on them every day and was taking advanced one-to-one classes with the best stylists out there.

While busy in these activities I also unearthed a problem. Everything I was learning about form placement and structure was great, but only if it was done on the same type of nail. When trying to get the same result on a nail that was a ski-shape for example, the principles I was following were not giving me the results I wanted. So, I decided to create my own system and way of teaching to get consistent results every time, no matter what nail type was presented.

This led me to writing a second book ‘The Nail Shapes and Structure Compendium’, which turned out to be a massive success with phenomenal feedback. Up until now I’ve sold over 10,000 copies worldwide and it’s been an absolute game changer for so many nail stylists. Many loved the explanations, the decipherable techniques and simplicity of the descriptions.

This book was the trigger for the Nail Shapes and Structure Masterclass. This is my signature 8-module programme that I open up once a year and is delivered over 10-weeks.

It’s the most comprehensive online training out there and its unique aspect is that I’m there with my students. They have access to me and my feedback for 10-weeks. No other training offers this type of support, I know because I’ve checked.

The Masterclass’ main goal is to teach students how to create consistent nails in any shape on any type of nail. Students learn eight different shapes – perfect square, pipe, stiletto, classic almond, Russian almond, merilyn, gothic almond and the edge.

All of these shapes are fully demonstrated on three models with hooked, standard and bitten nails, so they can see the small differences in the form’s customisation, application, and product placement, etc. I based this programme on the 6 Pillars of Perfectly Structured Nails, so every aspect and area is clearly explained in the smallest, easy to digest details. Students learn L&P acrylic and gel application, various pink & white application techniques and natural colour extensions, using various methods.

Over 500 students worldwide have gone through this programme. I’ve had students with as little as six-month’s up to 39 years’ of experience as a nail stylist. And all of them learned a lot. Many of my students are educators themselves right now, win competitions, open salons, work as full-time stylists etc. I have many success stories.

The difference between how I teach my students compared to other training courses out there, is that I truly believe there are three ingredients that make up highly successful stylists – mindset, marketing and skills. One cannot exist without the other and I know this because at one point I was a super-talented stylist that struggled to attract clients and build a business. It was then that I realised that what you think affects your actions, your actions affect your outcome, your outcome affects your self-belief.

This is why I always include these three elements in my programme and the free 5-day Bootcamp that I also offer once a year. It’s five days of completely free education where I try my best to shift people’s minds, make them believe that anything is possible in this beautiful industry,  and that they can achieve their dreams. I also teach a few techniques that have a massive impact on the nail structure and consistency. And of course, I highlight marketing strategies that can be applied right away for a massive shift.

This bootcamp opens the door to my masterclass. I give students a chance to join the programme if they want to learn more and continue their journey with me for the next 10-weeks. Many have already done this and it’s been an absolute pleasure to see them grow and become those go-to stylists that they knew they were meant to be.

Right now, I’m preparing to open the door for 2021 enrolment and I’m ready to welcome 100 nail stylists who are ready to change their game.

In The Nail Experts University I offer a variety of online courses:

  • The Nail Shapes and Structure Masterclass
  • 3G Gel Marble
  • Ombré French
  • One Stroke Paint
  • 3D acrylic designs

The Nail Experts Club – is a low-cost monthly membership for nail stylists, where I teach marketing and how to build a really successful business and career.

To close I’m currently working on my third book, which will be available later this year, as well as a new training programme too. 


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