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Want to know the most & least popular nail designs on Instagram? Top 5 designs & colours revealed…

By Alex Fox | 22 April 2021 | Feature

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With nail salons now open in England & Wales, Scratch takes a look at the latest poll undertaken by  OnBuy Body Care to find out the most popular nail colours, designs and trends on Instagram for the spring of 2021.

The most popular nail design trends of 2021 revealed…

Nail trend number of #
Marble nails 1,832,896
Galaxy nails 249,082
Gradient nails 230,428
Animal print nails 121,354
Geometric art nails 115,472

Blue Moon marble nail design by @evaznailsz

The most popular nail trends of 2021 – according to Instagram

  • Marble nails are the most popular 2021 nail design trend on Instagram – 1,832,896 hashtags.
  • When it comes to simple nail colours, glitter nails (9,398,396 hashtags) and natural nails (5,442,312 hashtags) are breaking the ‘gram!
  • Yellow and green nails are the least Instagrammable.

After gathering a list of popular 2021 nail design trends and checking their popularity on Instagram, OnBuy Body Care can reveal that the most Instagrammable trend is marble nails with 1,832,896 hashtags. In second place we have galaxy nails with 249,082 hashtags.

Gradient nails come in third place with 230,428 hashtags, followed by animal print nails (121,354 hashtags) and geometric art nails with 115,472 hashtags.


Marble nail design by @allisonp.nailart

Which nail colours work best on the ‘gram?  

Nail colour number of #
Glitter nails 9,398,396
Natural nails 5,442,312
Pink nails 4,869,376
Red nails 4,350,031
French nails 2,378,555
Black nails 2,217,505
Blue nails 2,002,458
White nails 1,754,238
Green nails 764,374
Yellow nails 628,976


After analysing the number of hashtags for different nail colours, OnBuy Body Care can reveal that glitter nails take the crown with a whopping 9,398,396 hashtags.

In second place, with 5,442,312 hashtags on Instagram, is natural nails – proving that simplicity will never go out of trend.

Pink nails come third with 4,869,376 hashtags, followed by the classic red nails with 4,350,031 hashtags.

For people who prefer classic looks, French nails still seem to be popular, with 2,378,555 hashtags on Instagram.


Marble nails by Marina mrs_brooke/Shutterstock

What are the least popular nail colours?

When it comes to the least popular nail colours, yellow nails take the crown with only 628,976 hashtags on Instagram, followed by green nails with 764,374 hashtags. Whilst white nails can be a hit in the summer, not many people decide to go for them (and post it on the ‘gram), with only 1,754,238 hashtags.


The Methodology:

OnBuy Body Care gathered a list of the most popular 2021 nail trends found on Each nail trend was then analysed on Instagram to find out how many hashtags the trend currently has, in order to reveal its popularity.

Due to the high number of hashtag variations, only the top three for each trend and colour were taken into consideration and added together to reveal the final figure.

For example, for glitter nails, the following hashtags were taken into consideration: #glitternails, #glitternailsdesign and #glitternails?.


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