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Ways to self-care while self-isolating

By Scratch Staff | 15 April 2020 | Expert Advice, Feature

Natasha Ray Noir Grooming

Salon owner, Natasha Ray, owner of the Noir Men’s Grooming Lounge in Beverly Hills, USA shares her ideas on self- love & care while self-isolating…

It’s important to use this time of uncertainty to focus on gratitude instead of fear to help remove anxiety during this stressful time.

Focus your mind on ways to take care of yourself mentally, physically and spiritually. This is a time of growth and learning.

Personally, I’ve been making every day a home spa day. When I wake up each morning, I open the windows in my home and do breathing techniques as I gaze into the sky and admire the little things I observe. I’m indulging in morning baths with herbs, candles, palo santo (assists with healing) and various essential oils.

Yes, we are facing a challenging time, yet how we make use of and respond to this time can change our personal outcome.

As a manicurist, I look forward to my monthly manicure and pedicure. Unfortunately, right now it’s not an option, so I decided to make use of my skills, turn them on myself and keep my hands and feet healthy during this pandemic.

We are all upping our hand washing game due to COVID-19. It’s imperative that we implement a daily exfoliating regimen into this new heightened hand washing schedule. The use of a natural scrub infused with essential oils, salts and herbs can help remove dry skin while replenishing moisture in the hands. I suggest daily hand and cuticle hydration with the use of a coconut base and or shea butter base hand cream to avoid dryness and chapping.

We must not forget to keep feet healthy during this time, too.

I admit I’m also indulging in self-care pedicures right now. I’m soaking my feet in warm water with a detox soak infused with sea salt, essential oils and herbs.

I removed nail polish and am using an exfoliating scrub to remove any dry skin on my heels, as well as moisturising my feet with oils and creams. I microwaved a hot towel to give myself the whole spa experience and my feet now feel fantastic!

My overall message is for us all to find peace of mind in the madness. It’s important that we use this time to relax, reflect and renew.

Sending you all positivity & enlightenment.

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