What extraction does my nail salon need?

By Kat Hill | 21 January 2021 | Expert Advice, Feature

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Natasia-Louise James, of Vodex, shares her advice on why an extraction system is so essential and what should be taken in consideration when choosing one for your setup…

Natasia-Louise James

“Having an extraction system that works both correctly and efficiently will not only provide you with cleaner air by removing airborne dust and chemical vapours from your breathing zone, it should also help towards reducing fatigue and common health problems associated with beauty treatments, such as headaches, skin rashes, sore throats and coughs.

“Whether you work from home, own a salon space or rent, ventilation within your working environment should be a high priority regardless of Covid-19. Qualified professionals have a duty of care, not only to their clients but to themselves and employees as well.

“Ventilation should already be a part of your overall risk assessment and health & safety policy but knowing what is actually required based on UK COSHH HSE Legislation can be a minefield.

Tips for adequate ventilation within a salon environment:

  • Look for these terms: Zone 1, At Source Extraction, LEV (Local Exhaust Ventilation) Extraction.
  • Open windows where possible, but general ventilation is not the same as LEV/At Source Extraction. This should be used in addition to general ventilation.
  • “I offer gel services, not acrylic” – It doesn’t matter what treatments you provide. At source systems are designed to remove both airborne dust and chemical vapours regardless.
  • ‘Dust collectors’ are not the same as At Source Extraction products. The filtration is usually not substantial enough to carry out the same as job as extraction units/systems. They are designed to collect larger dust particles that fall, rather than airborne particles that you may otherwise inhale.
  • Look out for good quality filters. Usually H13 HEPA filters for dust and Carbon Filters for vapours. Note: Impregnated Carbon is not the same and will not remove vapours. H13 HEPA filters are very high grade, to work efficiently they must be completely sealed. They are also tested and are usually provided with the test certificate.

“With any purchase, there are always different points to consider – whether it’s price, product features, company brand, customer reviews, customer support and after care. Extraction systems are no different, but, because they are designed to do such an important job, you need to consider as many factors as you can before purchasing:

  • Don’t ever be pressured into making a purchase
  • Do your homework on both the company and the product
  • Compare the product with others available, but compare like for like, not for cheaper alternatives.
  • Make sure the purchase is right for you and your working environment

“If you would like any further information or advice, please email: beauty@vodex.co.uk.”