WHAT I’M WEARING: Amanda Byrne, Divine Nails by Amanda Byrne

By Sophie Nutt | 18 March 2018 | Feature, Tech Talk

We want to see what you’re wearing on your nails!

Amanda Byrne, INK London educator and owner of Divine Nails by Amanda Byrne, created these nails after being inspired by funky geometric cutwork designs on social media.

“I created these nails by sculpting a clear base using INK London Clear Acrylink, Alaska. For the little finger, I wanted a clear tip so I did a glitter fade using INK Additions glitters Jennie and Kate mixed together before capping the nail. For the ring finger and thumb, I created an ombre effect using INK’s Acrylink Acrylic Powder in Paris and Coloured Acrylink shades Newman and Gere mixed together to make a lovely dusky blue. I applied the blue first and then the pink to create the ombre effect and then capped in Tallinn, which is a lovely soft pink.

“For the middle fingers, I wanted to have a go at the popular cut acrylic design that seems to be doing the rounds on social media. I used INK’s Coloured Acrylinks in Newman and Gere and Acrylink Acrylic Powder in Paris. I applied each section on the nail, waited for it to set and then filed into shape. I did this until I had completed the whole nail. I then filed the nail so the lines were crisp and then capped in clear acrylic. The index finger was just a full glitter nail using the mix of Jennie and Kate INK Additions glitters, applying to the whole nail and then capping in clear. Once all the nails were set, I filed and buffed and applied a top coat and plenty of cuticle oil.

“I love how wintery these nails are – they’re suitable for an ice queen! It’s almost like they’ve been taken straight out of the Disney film Frozen. My favourite nail of the set has to be the geometric design.”

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