WHAT I’M WEARING: Amy Clarke, Studio ‘A’ Beauty

By Sophie Nutt | 10 December 2017 | Feature, Tech Talk

Amy Clarke

We want to see what you’re wearing on your nails!

With just two weeks to go until Christmas Eve, Amy Clarke, of Studio ‘A’ Beauty, is spreading some festive cheer with these seasonal nails.

“I created these nails based around Christmas and my favourite colour. I prefer my nails to all be based within the same colour scheme but each nail different, as it’s a more accurate representation of my personality.

“I always sculpt, but for a more time-friendly set of nails on myself I decided to opt for tips to make it slightly quicker and I decided to start with my less dominant hand as motivation to do them both at once and get the hardest part out of the way first – we all have a dodgy hand!

“I created these nails with a mixture of Grasshopper, Amor, Snow White and Crystal Glass, all from CJP Nail System, with some glitters and snowflakes from Chintys Glitzy Glitters.”

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