WHAT I’M WEARING: Elizabeth Jones, Nail Art by Elizabeth

By Sophie Nutt | 29 March 2020 | Feature, Tech Talk

Elizabeth Jones

We want to see what you’re wearing on your nails!

Elizabeth Jones, of Nail Art by Elizabeth, wears a super cute Peter Rabbit-inspired design.

“My inspiration for this nail design was the illustrations from Beatrix Potter and the Tales of Peter Rabbit. I absolutely loved these stories as a child and I enjoy that my children have discovered the stories, too. Who doesn’t love easter stories during spring?

“I created this design by using the new Halo Gel Polish First Bloom collection, including the shades Wisteria, Wild Fern and Cornflower. I then used Covered in Lace by Artistic Nail Design for the white. For the roses and Peter Rabbit I used a section of colours from my Young Nails Mission Control art paints.

“I gradually built up Peter by using a light brown base colour and then shading his fur with a darker brown and then blues for his washed denim jacket. I then used a black paint to carefully outline him. I wanted minimal designs for the other nails, which is why I went for polka dots, little roses and miniature carrots, which I think look really sweet.

“My favourite thing about this design is how delicate the art is: this keeps in time with the original illustrations as they were so intricate and truly magnificent works of art. Peter Rabbit and Friends are tales that will live on for generations.”

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