WHAT I’M WEARING: Emma Atkinson

By Sophie Nutt | 19 November 2017 | Feature, Tech Talk

Emma Atkinson

Emma Atkinson gave her nails some TLC with this glamorous mani, perfectly fitting with the festive season.

“I sculpted a thin layer of clear acrylic using NSI Attraction Crystal Clear Powder on all of the nails and pinched. I then created the extended nail bed with NSI Attraction Peach Blush Powder and filed it so it was nice and crisp. Then I used Glam and Glits Diamond Acrylic in Latte up to the smile line and added The Nail Team Metallic Mix in Latte at the end, before capping.

“For the middle finger I created a marble effect using Glam and Glits Colour Acrylic in Betty, Britney and Latte and then added a little of the metallic glitter on top to give some dimension and capped in Crystal Clear.

“For the index finger I used The Nail Team Metallic Mix in Cappuccino at the cuticle and Latte at the tip, and the little finger is Betty from Glam and Glits.

“This look was inspired by Nails by Annabel – I love the design because the colours and glitters complement each other perfectly!”

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