WHAT I’M WEARING: Emma Stanton, Nails 2 Inspire & educator

By Sophie Nutt | 28 October 2018 | Feature, Tech Talk

Emma Stanton Nails

We want to see what you’re wearing on your nails!

Emma Stanton, of Nails 2 Inspire & educator, created these ultra-glam black and gold nails for her 30th birthday.

“I created these nails for my 30th birthday, as I wanted a sleek and glamorous yet sexy design and therefore opted for my two favourite colour combos: black and gold.

“First, I sculpted by base out of Rebecca Abernethy flawless clear acrylic. Once I had done this, I then used Urban Nails coloured acrylics in black and gold to create the backdrop for my design. I used Nail Sugar glitter and gold leaf to give the glamorous feel to the look and finished by capping my design in flawless clear acrylic and No Wipe Top Gloss by Rebecca Abernethy.

“I love how the gold just complements the black and the way that the little bits of glitter capture the light, giving you a real touch of elegance.”

Check out more of Emma’s work here!