WHAT I’M WEARING: Hannah Leahy, Too Glam To Give A Damn

By Sophie Nutt | 29 April 2018 | Feature, Tech Talk

Hannah Leahy Nails

We want to see what you’re wearing on your nails!

Hannah Leahy, of Too Glam To Give A Damn, was inspired by a ceramicist on Instagram when creating her current nail look.

“To create this design, I used the Magpie Beauty gel colour system. The original design was actually cream with black freehand line work, which was inspired by the work of a ceramicist called Justine Allison on Instagram (@justineallisonceramics).

“I loved the design but wanted to brighten it up for a night out with friends. So I buffed the topcoat and ‘coloured in’ the original design using Magpie Beauty gel polish and the Magpie Beauty Detailer Brush. I then buffed the topcoat to give the design a matte finish.

“I love freehand nail art, especially abstract nail art, and I really enjoy using other people’s artwork as inspiration for nail designs!”

Check out more of Hannah’s work here.