WHAT I’M WEARING: Jade Robinson, JADE: Professional Beauty

By Sophie Nutt | 18 August 2019 | Feature, Tech Talk

Jade Robinson Nails

We want to see what you’re wearing on your nails!

Jade Robinson, of JADE: Professional Beauty, has been wearing Coco-themed nails.

“I created these nails by first coming up with the idea of theming them around Coco. I have done many themed and Disney sets of nails and Coco is another film that I love and that I wanted to do a nail design with, using images and film stills from the movie for inspiration.

“I’ve recently invested in an iPad Pro and pencil to help me plan my designs and draw them out previously so that it’s easier to create my final design. I first infilled my gel using CND Brisa Gel in Pure Pink and then went straight in with the design! I used gel polishes mainly from The Gel Bottle Inc, including Bellini and Purple Margarita for the background colours and started on the character nails first: the black and white gel polishes I use are Gelly Fit All Kill Black and All Kill White.

“I did a rough sketch using white gel polish before going in and painting Miguel and Hector in full using Get Buffed Nails Minnie and Brienne detailer brushes to paint the whole set. I finished off the character nails with Ugly Duckling Matte Top Coat, so you can fully see al of the details, and finished the other nails with The Gel Bottle Inc Extreme Shine Top Coat.

“I love this design because of how colourful and bright it is and how well my paintings came out, which I think is down to my planning and previous sketching out, as well as investing in good quality small detail brushes. I think this is my favourite set I’ve done to date!”

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