By Kat Hill | 01 July 2017 | Feature, Tech Talk

We want to see what you’re wearing on your nails!

Kass Dixon has been wearing this ultra luxe rose gold design.

“I created these for a family event,” Kass reveals. “I’m totally in love with rose gold at the moment and it gave me the perfect opportunity to do this design.

“The design is made up of multiple steps. For the little finger, I extended the nail bed with CJP Birthday Suit then added The Glitter Fairy rose gold multi-cut glitter. I capped in CJP Crystal Glass. For the ring finger, I started with a case layer of Crystal Clear then adds the glitter. I then capped the nail in Crystal Clear. I repeated for my thumb.

For the middle finger, I applied CJP Snow White at the tip and blended up. I then applied Birthday Suit at the cuticle and blended down to create an ombré. I capped the nail in Negligee. I finished off with Swarovski crystals in mixed sizes.

“For the index finger, I applied a layer of Crystal Clear then applied Birthday Suit at the tip blending up, then applied rose multi dipped in Crystal Clear at the cuticle blending down, before capping in Crystal Glass. I top coated in CJP No Wipe and finally applied a 3D rose using Snow White.”