By Kat Hill | 11 June 2017 | Feature, Tech Talk

We want to see what you’re wearing on your nails!

Kate Taylor has been wearing gothic almond sculpted nails with encapsulated Nail Team Laser Dots in green and gold and angel paper.

“After having shorter nails on while competing, I decided it was time to treat myself to some fresh, summery nails,” Kate reveals. “The nails were just in time for a family garden tea party that we had planned and they fitted the occasion perfectly!”

“The gothic almond shape are my personal favourite apart from a great stiletto but I find personally that the gothic almond is more suited for my hands. I always love length and having length actually helps me in my techy job; I’m all fingers and thumbs without long nails!

“Firstly after a good prep and fitting the forms, I applied a small bead of NSI Radiant Pink, building the shape but extremely thinly as a platform. This also helps me with my maintenance. Once the acrylic is at a pinching stage, I pinched each nails using my tools and I also pinched into shape with my fingers as the end of the free edge needs to be thiner than the base. Once I had my base layer sorted, I carefully filed the shape before adding anything else; this helps on reducing filing times at the end.

“Next I used NSI Rose Blush at the cuticle area and blended it up the nail to create a cover but not all the way up as I want to achieve a transparent look to the nails. I then added a wet layer of crystal clear and while the nail was wet I dipped my brush into the different coloured laser dots and patted into the wet acrylic. On the nails with angel paper, I again placed a wet bead of acrylic and before it turns matte I placed the angel paper onto this, covering the edges with Laser Dots so it blended.

“Once all the nails have been decorated, I encapsulated them with crystal clear creating a strong apex and making sure all dots and angel paper were encased. After filing and making sure the shape is there, I use my favourote top coat, Perfect Nails Flexi and cure in the lamp for 60 secs. Once cooled down I then cleanse. I used gold acrylic powder for the 3d flowers and placed a tiny swarovski crystal in the centre of each of them.”

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