WHAT I’M WEARING: Kayley Cairns

By Sophie Nutt | 04 March 2018 | Feature, Tech Talk

Kayley Cairns Nails

We want to see what you’re wearing on your nails!

Talented tech and educator, Kayley Cairns, created these nails when testing out some new coloured powders before using them on her clients, resulting in a design fit for an ice queen!

“These nails were sculpted using coloured liquid and powder with flakes of angel paper encapsulated under the clear.

“I love blue and I’d recently bought the coloured powders – I like to trial new products on myself before using them on clients to make sure I am happy with the quality. I chose the design based on techniques that we teach in our Liquid and Powder Design and 3D classes at the Hazel Dixon Nail Artist Academy. I had a class coming up and I love to showcase designs on ‘real nails’ as we work on tips on the day, so learners can get an idea of how to incorporate techniques into sets for clients.

“I absolutely adore the angel paper flakes – I love two-tone colours in nails as they look different as you move your hand and the light hits and picks up different hues – I feel like I have a touch of magic on my fingers! Clients love this too!”

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