WHAT I’M WEARING: Kelly Wells, Beauticle Nails

By Sophie Nutt | 19 April 2020 | Feature, Tech Talk

Kelly Wells

We want to see what you’re wearing on your nails!

Kelly Wells, of Beauticle Nails, wears black tips and a glitter fade over nude nails.

“After having barely nails for nearly two weeks and having no motivation to do them, I came across a picture on Pinterest that encouraged me to give myself a little treat during this awful and uncertain time we are all facing.

“I used everything Magpie Beauty to create this set. I used Give Me Strength in Clear to give an added layer of strength to my nails, which at the moment have been dry and brittle due to all of the hand-washing. I used one coat of Come What May and then, using the Detailer Brush and Black Gel Paint, I painted the French tips on my nails. I then mixed the new glitter Sabrina with a little Give Me Strength and applied just below the tips. I finished this look with a layer of Don’t Be Tacky.”

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