By Kat Hill | 08 July 2017 | Feature, Tech Talk

We want to see what you’re wearing on your nails!

Scratch Stars 2017 finalist and member of Gemma Lambert’s Nail Team, Linda Hill, has been wearing this luxe pink design.

“The nails were created for a special friends wedding as I had a rather plain dress,” Linda explains. “The whole occasion was lovely and I had some fantastic comments on my nails. My favourite nail has to be the stiletto. It was my first ever extreme nail to create and although I’ve tried many others I still feel very glamorous when wearing a beautifully created stiletto.

“After good nail prep I fitted Crystal Nails stiletto forms. Using NSI Cystal Clear acrylic extremely thinly, I pulled out a stiletto shape on to the form as a platform shape to work on. When the acrylic was at pinching stage I used a pinching tool to pinch each nail and also pinched the tip between my fingers.

“On the nails I’d decided to do a smile line, I applied NSI Rose Blush and filed to create a crisp smile line. I then used a combination of Glam n Glitz Lush Coconut and Cocktail as design powders and then using a small bead of clear acrylic picked up a small amount of The Nail Team’s Butterflies, Pink Parade, and Valentines glitter, Cupid, and dotted into place. I then encapsulated the design.

“I decided to do a blend I applied Rose Blush at the cuticle area and blended down the nail. I used NSI Pure White and Glam n Glitz Lush Coconut to create the white base and then used Crystal Clear to pick up and dot small amounts of Valentine glitter, Cupid. The whole design was then encapsulated. For the solid pink nails, I used Glam n Glitz Cocktail to cover the whole length of the nail.

“Once I’d finished, filed and perfected the shape I then did some stamping using Moyou London stamping plates and a one-stroke design. To finish, I top coated, added some Sworovskis in different colours and sizes and 3d acrylic work.”

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