WHAT I’M WEARING: Lisa Lilley, Love Lilley Nails

By Sophie Nutt | 12 August 2018 | Feature, Tech Talk

Lisa Lilley Nails

We want to see what you’re wearing on your nails!

Lisa Lilley, of Love Lilley Nails, wears beach-themed nails for a summer look that will have you longing for a last minute getaway.

“I used Gelish in Mali-Blu Me Away for the blue nails with Magpie Beauty Glitter in Elsa for the thumb, index and pinkie fingers. For the beach art nails, I painted the nails with Gelish in Postcards From Paris and then put all the colours I needed on a palette. I used Gelish’s Arctic Freeze, Mali-Blu Me Away, Postcards From Paris, My One Blue Love, Medieval Madness, After Party Expresso, Polar Attraction and You’re Such A Sweet Tart. Some of these colours I mixed together to create new green shades for the palm trees.

“I created the design in stages, firstly by doing the water: applying the colours in an ombre technique down the nail. I used a Magpie Beauty detailer brush to add all the details before adding the green palm leaves, sand and boat after, curing in between as and when I was happy with the design.

“As it’s the school summer holidays, I wanted to create a fun design with a summer feel. Unfortunately, we aren’t going on holiday this year so I decided to bring the holiday to my nails – and I love to challenge myself with nail art.

“Lots of wonderful techs have done beach-themed nails and this is just my take on the concept. Every time I see something that inspires me, I photograph it or screenshot it on my phone… My phone gallery is full of images to take inspiration from!

“The design actually looks more complicated than it was to achieve. I’ve had so many love compliments, which is always nice.”

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