By Sophie Nutt | 07 October 2018 | Feature, Tech Talk

Terri Eaton Nails

We want to see what you’re wearing on your nails!

Talented tech, Terri Eaton, wears a matte dusky mauve and a bespoke glitter mix for an autumnal look that still sparkles in the crisp sunshine.

“I fancied some autumnal, but not too dark, nails, and I also wanted to use a colour I’ve never had on my nails before. I opted for Gelish in Style Mauve-en, Gelish Cover Pink Structure Gel and a special glitter mix involving a variety of Magpie Beauty Glitters. I sprinkled that over uncured clear, as I wanted to create an encapsulated look, which is a little harder with gel polish than it is with acrylic. This technique has a little more depth than a typical burnished finish but is a little thicker.

“I love the contrast of colours, plus the textures of shiny, matte and full-on glitter. No special occasion is necessary for awesome nails! I’ve been meaning to add some dried flowers round to them as I think this would look so pretty on the nude nails. I have a couple of breaks in my nails at the moment so I’m trying to nurture and grow them out. Structure gel a plenty! Oiling lots and trying to care for them better – I couldn’t imagine them being short again!”

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