By Sophie Nutt | 09 June 2019 | Feature, Tech Talk

Terri Eaton

We want to see what you’re wearing on your nails!

Terri Eaton wears a glam take on milky nude nails.

“I am trialling some of The Gel Bottle Inc products at the moment. I was desperate for some opal effect nails but wanted a crushed pearls effect also, so I used two Magpie Beauty flakes mixed together and pressed well into the tacky layer of my Dolly builder base. I need a solid base for my long natural nails! Then the magic happened with a coat of The Gel Bottle in Diana, a milky sheer white. It turned them into pearl-like milky opals and added a gorgeous tone to the flakes. Then, I fancied some gold foil dabs for good measure!

“They are so pretty in the flesh and I love wearing them. I’m always a huge fan of wearing nude tones in as many different ways as I can! I love how foil, glitters and flakes can add some funk so easily too.

“There is a lot of amazing, cool inspiration in the nail world currently, so I’m loving trying some new techniques shared by awesomely talented friends.”

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