By Sophie Nutt | 08 September 2019 | Feature, Tech Talk

Terri Eaton

We want to see what you’re wearing on your nails!

Talented tech, Terri Eaton, wears nude almond nails finished with gold celestial detailing.

“I love all celestial things so the idea of suns, moons and stars on my nails are a dream. I saw some inspo from another tech on Instagram (@gaudyoctopus) and decided to give it a bash! I used my Magpie Beauty Build Me Up Builder Gel in Buff as a base, buffed and matte. Then I painted my design on using some foil gel called Stick It from Nail Stamping Queen UK, curing and sticking my gold foil on as I went.

“I wasn’t expecting to be able to do two hands to be honest so I’m super pleased I managed to paint my right hand! I used a layer of Magpie Give Me Strength over the top, then their new Don’t Be Tacky Top Coat.

“I’m in total love and never EVER want my nails to grow! I would wear them forever!”

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