By Sophie Nutt | 03 May 2020 | Feature, Tech Talk

Terri Eaton

We want to see what you’re wearing on your nails!

Talented tech, Terri Eaton, wears hand painted sunflowers on her nails.

“I absolutely love sunflowers – they’re just such a happy flower. They take my mind to the huge fields of them in Tuscany when I visited last year, such a beautiful sight. So I’ve always wanted sunflowers on my nails, I just wasn’t sure how. I’ve had a screenshot saved from Amy Rickaby’s sketchy sunflowers since last year, but was also looking at Van Gogh’s sunflowers painting (as you do…) and thought I’d try a similar version.

“I’ve never used acrylic paints before on nails, so also wanted to try those. I had my builder base underneath over my natural nails. I used a few shades of yellow – pale to mustardy – as I wanted a layered, textured kind of finish. I did small areas and then went over in layer. The acrylic paint dries pretty fast so don’t squeeze too much out. I used my Magpie Beauty Detailer Brush to paint them all, it’s super fine to paint detail with. I sketched around them with brown but went back over again with some yellows, so they are semi sketchy! Tiny strokes of black and brown in the middles, some highlights added with a creamy shade (white just looked too white). I sealed it all with a matte top coat twice to make sure it was fully covered or it would just wash off. I finished with some tiny strands of Nail Stamping Queen Stick It! and Gold Foil to add more texture. It’s such an amazing product for foil detailing.

“I usually force myself to do my right hand too, but just didn’t have the heart for it this time! I need to do it within two days or the moment has passed, I’m already thinking ‘what’s next’!”

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