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What to look for when renting a nail space

By Scratch Staff | 26 October 2022 | Business, Feature

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With over 60% of people working in the hair and beauty industry reported to be freelance – and this figure increasing every year, the ways that techs and salon owners can manage their work pattern is changing. Renting a desk or space in a salon is switching up the sector.

Why rent a space?

“I decided to rent a chair after previously working mobile alongside a salon job and finding that I wasn’t earning as much through my mobile work,” reveals Katy Mayer of KRM Beauty, who is based at Love Beauty Gatley in Greater Manchester, a Scratch Stars finalist for Nail & Beauty Salon of the Year 2022.

“This was due to the time spent travelling and setting up/packing down at each appointment, but now I am based in one location so can host more appointments in a day.” She also notes that with her work advertised under a reputable business, she is positively represented and benefits from an established client base.

Katy’s checklist before renting a space:

  • Register as self-employed with HMRC. You may wish to find an accountant to file your tax returns so that you know they will be correct.
  • Step up a business bank account and open a booking system if you’re not using one provided by the salon.
  • Take out a public liability insurance policy.
  • Determine what the rent includes – whether it just covers the chair and desk or if it includes products, tools, cleaning products etc. Also, find out what the average price for similar rental is in your local area to ensure what you are paying is reasonable.
  • Check if there are restrictions regarding if you can trade outside of the salon, as some contracts may include a radius around the space that you can’t work in while you’re there or after you leave.

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