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Which Gelish system works best for my nail needs?

By Chloe Randall | 02 August 2023 | Feature

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No nails are identical in their needs, so get clued up on three offerings from Gelish – each with different properties to ensure an appropriate, long-lasting and smooth nail finish for your clients. Delve into the benefits of the brand’s Brush-On Builder Gel, Foundation Flex and Structure Gel…

  1. Brush On Builder Gel

This thick viscosity, clear builder gel in a bottle contains a bio-sourced light activated bonder that offers great adhesion. Designed to provide strength and support while maintaining flexibility, the formula is non-yellowing and bubble-free and gives the strength and wear of a traditional hard gel, with the ease of soak-off removal.

The ratio of oligomers and monomers means that the builder gel has a viscosity that doesn’t sag and is easy to work with. It has the balance of strength to extend past the free edge for 21 days and the ability to break down for soak off removal, after being filed down. The builder gel an be infilled between appointments.

 Ideal client type:

  • All nail types requiring extra strength or support.
  • Clients who struggle to maintain gel polish enhancements for more than a week.
  • Clients who seek longer-length enhancements. The Builder Gel can be used to sculpt or as an overlay with a tip if desired.

2. Foundation Flex

An ideal solution for clients with weak, damaged nails, Foundation Flex offers support and protection while maintaining flexibility. It can be applied either in thin layers or to build structure.

Foundation Flex is available in Clear, Cover Beige, Light Pink and Light Nude and can be used as a ridge filler to create a smooth base for colour application. The Cover Beige shade can hide blemishes on the natural nail.

Foundation Flex contains a blend of monomers in the base coat, which cures to a softer consistency with rubberised characteristics, filling in imperfections and ridges and acting as a sticky base when used with Gelish gel polish.

Ideal client type:

  • Clients with weak damaged nails.
  • Clients who have a very extreme C-curve to their natural nails.
  • Clients with ridged nails.

3. Structure Gel

Structure Gel has a medium viscosity and performs like a soft gel. It can be used to smooth out uneven natural nails, as well as build shape and add support to a flat nail while still saying flexible.

Structure Gel has a pliable viscosity and can be within a full set of nails or to repair individual nails and damaged nail plates. The product can fill in ridges or demarcations to even the surface of the nail plate and is available in 15ml or 50ml pots, or a 15ml bottle, in Clear, Cover Beige or Translucent Pink. It can be used with tips or as a natural nail overlay.

Ideal client type:

  • Ideal for clients who need an additional strength to that already offered with a gel polish overlay.
  • Works well with a fibreglass or silk to repair splits in the natural nail along the stress point of the nail plate.

Gelish products are available via Gelish Morgan Taylor, Georgie Smedley Group & Salon Services