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Why An Influencer Could Be Good for Business

By Alex Fox | 30 December 2020 | Expert Advice, Feature

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 It’s a big buzzword – but what in fact are ‘influencers’ and how can they benefit your business? Scratch speaks to DAVINA KUMAL, PR and influencer relations manager at Forma Brands to find out more… 

Advice on implementing a successful influencer strategy for your business

 “Over the past couple of years, more and more brands and salon owners have aligned themselves with social media influencers as a result of customers expressing preference for ‘authentic’ opinion,” Davina reveals. But what is an influencer?

Consider this; if you’re a salon owner that wishes to increase awareness of your salon in your local area, a good influencer would be a local celebrity with a high social media following, or a journalist from a local paper who has the power to profile and promote your story in the press and from their own social media account.

What’s more, if you’re the owner of a product line or brand, an influencer to consider would be a beauty blogger with, again, a strong social media following. Send them some samples and information and the power of their post could be great for your brand promotion.

“I collaborate with journalists, publications and influencers that have something to say about skincare quality, and respect skincare products that make a difference,” reports Davina.

So, in terms of your business, why work with an influencer – and what should be considered?


“Influencers know their own audience better than anyone. If you have decided to work with an influencer due to them being a good fit for your brand or business, you should trust their creative license. This will give your posts an authentic feel on the influencer’s social channels and will help to give you the result you want,” Davina assures. “The influencer represents your brand or endorses it as a third party. Millennials, for example, will trust an influencer more than a piece of advertising. Influencers know their own audience better than anyone.”

It’s not always about the numbers

“An influencer is an individual who appeals to a broader consumer audience. This could be the ‘big sister’, the ‘expert’, the ‘aspirational celebrity’ or just someone with a story to share that inspires. An influencer needs to be authentic. Be careful when selecting an influencer based on their audience. The levels of engagement are much more important, as well as whether the audience fits within your brand’s target market. Today, with five to six generations to consider, we have an interesting dynamic of a new breed of influencer emerging in the social media space, with an audience that listens to them.”

Build connections

“Ask yourself why an influencer would want to work with you,” Davina suggests. “Try building connections in advance and show you’re interested and supportive of their content by sharing and liking their posts. Demonstrate that you really like their style and keep up-to-date with what they’re up to.”

Make sure you have a goal

“It’s all very well wanting to align your product with the right people, but when planning your activity, make sure you have an actionable goal in mind. This will help determine successes and failures along the way, and allow you to see a clear return on investment at the end of your activity.”

Do they love your products/brand?

“To work successfully with an influencer, you need them to genuinely believe in your brand,” Davina concludes. “Whatever you’re hoping to promote, it must have the correct feel for their social channels to reassure the audience that the collaboration is about more than just the money. This authenticity will ensure optimum performance of your posts and forms the basis of strong and long-lasting relationships between brands and influencers.”

Davina Kumal is PR and influencer relations manager at FORMA Brands; Morphe, Morphe X, Morphe 2, Bad Habit, Playa Beauty, Such Good Everything, Jaclyn Cosmetics & more.