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Why the imix is a great addition to my nail desk

By Guest Writer | 26 March 2021 | Feature, Tech Talk

Shelby Holmes Imix

Shelby Holmes, co-founder of The Beauty Edit Podcast & Scratch Stars Awards Gel Polish Stylist of the Year finalist 20/21, shares her thoughts on imix, the hands-free mixing device for gel polish & lacquer…

“I love everything about imix. I have been looking for a mixing system for a while now and I found that most were bulky, heavy and overpriced. I was delighted when I heard about imix and that it is sold by a distributor I trust. The imix mixes my nail colours perfectly and even helps collect the old colour sat right at the bottom of my Shellac bottles meaning less product is wasted. I can’t wait to get into the salon to use it properly!

“I am always looking for ways to make salon life more efficient. After all, time is money and I try to invest in products and tools that will save my body from repetitive strain injury. When salons can re-open, I plan to use my imix everyday!

“Now more than ever, nail colours need a good mix as they have been sat on our shelves for months with no use.”

“My plan is to set the imix to work once my client has chosen a nail colour. During those five-minutes, I can prep the nails and ensure they are ready for colour. 

“When the imix arrived I was so impressed by its size. It is small and compact; perfect for salon use. Plus it looks super sleek.”

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