How to maintain professional etiquette in your marketing

By Sophie Nutt | 20 September 2018 | Expert Advice, Feature

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You might be putting your energy into social media marketing, advertising, or using a variety of methods to encourage new business – but are you fully utilising this by maintaining professional etiquette?

Competition in the beauty industry is rife and, although you may be a dab hand at nail services, on its own this is unfortunately not enough. Without spreading the word and informing others of your skills and abilities, business could slow – ensure your business doesn’t go into stalemate by successfully practicing a number of marketing methods.

No matter your choice of technique, of which there are many – take a look in the September issue of Scratch for an explained guide – there is a level of professional etiquette to maintain. Not only does practicing professionalism within your marketing help to build a positive relationship with competitors, but it will also help to instil a level of trust within your clients.

Some marketing etiquette guidelines to consider:

  • Don’t trash the competition. Being negative about your competitors as a way of promoting your own services appears unprofessional and can isolate you from the industry. Instead inhale with, support and learn form fellow techs and salons.
  • Do engage with clients on social media. If a client leave a comment or asks a question on a social post, engage with them! Thank them for their support, answer their question or simply ‘like’ or ‘retweet’ the post.
  • Do give credit where it’s due. If you wish to use a relevant image or quote on your social media page, be sure to fully credit the source. Simply note the source in the caption or use the ‘repost’, ‘share’ or ‘retweet’ functions across platforms.
  • Do strive for organic growth. Buying followers, using bots or encouraging irrelevant followers should be avoided. Boost your compelling content to those who have voluntarily chosen to follow you, as those who take action on your content are much more valuable to your business’ bottom line.
  • Don’t overdo it. Promoting your services and skills as a nail technician is imperative to a successful business, but make sure you know when to tone it down a notch. When upselling, handing out flyers or asking clients to leave a review on your Facebook page, don’t be too pushy as this can put people off.

Be sure to browse an A-Z guide of marketing methods and techniques within the September issue of Scratch!