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Winners of 1st Canadian Nail Championships announced

By Alex Fox | 22 March 2021 | Feature

Cnc Champs 2021

The Canadian Nail Championship (CNC) , organised by Long Nguyen, announced its winners during a Facebook online awards ceremony on Sunday 21 March.

The judge panel for the first CNC included Jeanette Ulriksen (Denmark), Tony Pham (UAE), David Hoang (USA), Long Nguyen (Canada), Johnny Tran (Canada), Liliya Saxon (Canada), Trinh Huyen (UK), Nick Tran (Australia), Tino Vo (USA), Tran Nam (Germany) and Alex Fox (UK).

Alex Fox was invited to judge the CNC cover competition.  “I was honoured and delighted to be asked to judge for the CNC on its cover competition,” states Alex. “The theme chosen for the competition is always a winner for nail artists as it affords so many avenues for interpretation, representation and expression. So, this theme meant I was not disappointed in the quality and variety of the work entered. There were very detailed, exciting and illuminating images to judge and the colour palettes displayed really grabbed my attention. I loved to see a lot of thinking outside of the box in both design and styling – everyone expressing their floral theme intuitively and individually. It was a joy to judge and explore.

Winner of the cover competition judged by Alex Fox of Scratch magazine – was created by Amy Nguyen – Malaysia

“My winner was chosen ultimately because it works really well as a cover as well as a marketing campaign. It’s high fashion, beautifully styled, emotive, delicate and tells a story – all at the same time. The nail designs are intricate and skilled, while the overall styling feels like a masterpiece of artistry to behold – the entire image spoke to me and had a definite & flawless flow.”

Sponsors for the CNC comprised; Magic, Valentino, Cosmo Color Dip Powder, Nugenesis, IC Clean Beauty, Thai Bao Media, Emi, Pho Anh Vu, Long Nguyen Professional Nail Supply, Bio Seaweed Gel, Chisel Nail Art, MD Creative Designs, HTV Nails, All in Brand, Be Inventive. The sponsors together presented 1000s of dollars of product prizes to the winners.