3D nail art for Chinese New Year 2024

2024 Year Of The Dragon Nail Art Sbs Final Design Square

Seasonal & Occasions, Step by Step

Welcome the Chinese New Year, celebrated on 10 February, with Avelitte Total Beauty Shop owner, Kim Hee Ra, who serves up this 3D design ready for the Year of the Dragon.

Kim Hee Ra

Kim Hee Ra

Products used:

  • Nail file.
  • From The Nail Base Gel.
  • From The Nail Non-Wipe Top Gel.
  • From The Nail Non-Wipe Clear Gel.
  • From The Nail Color Gel Polish in Gray, Green and Mint Green.
  • Cloud nail stickers.
  • Tweezers.
  • Sponge.

2024 Year Of The Dragon Nail Art Sbs Products

Step 1
Prep the nail for gel application.
Step 2
Apply your chosen base coat and cure.
Step 3
Apply a grey gel polish shade to the nail using an ombré technique and cure.
Step 4
Repeat step three.
Step 5
Using an ombré technique on the opposite end of the nail, apply a mint green gel polish and cure.
Step 6
Repeat step five.
Step 7
Apply cloud stickers randomly.
Step 6
Apply a non-wipe clear gel and cure.
Step 9
Use a dark green gel polish and silicone mould to create 3D '2024' numbers and cure.
Step 10
Apply the numbers to the surface of each nail using a non-wipe clear gel then cure.
Step 11
Apply a non-wipe top coat then cure to finish the design.