3D blue dragon for Chinese New Year 2024

3d Blue Dragon Final Pic

Seasonal & Occasions, Step by Step

10 February marks the Chinese New Year, with 2024 welcoming the Year of the Dragon. Channel the spirit of the dragon through your nails with this lucky 3D blue dragon look, created by Nail Sunhada founder, Kim Sunhee.

Kim Sunhee Headshot

Products used:

  • Nail file.
  • Ageha Brush On Easy Off Cushion Base.
  • Ageha Brush On Top Gel.
  • Ageha Matte Top Gel.
  • Ageha Cream Art Gel in Chocolate Brown.
  • GellyFit Professional Color Gel in Nude.
  • 3D gel in blue, brown, caramel, peach, pink, red and white.
  • Gel brush.
  • Gel mould.
  • Spatula.

3d Blue Dragon Gel Art Products

Step 1
Prep the nail for application.
Step 2
Apply your chosen base coat and cure.
Step 3
Apply two coats of a sheer nude shade, curing between each layer.
Step 4
Apply a matte base coat and cure.
Step 5
Using blue 3D gel with a spatula, create the face of the dragon and cure.
Step 6
Using the same shade of blue and a spatula, create the body, tail and ears of the dragon and cure.
Step 7
Using a small amount of pink and white 3D gel with a spatula, create horns and a tail end and cure.
Step 8
Using red 3D gel and a spatula, create a lucky pouch then cure.
Step 9
Complete the lucky pouch using brown and orange 3D gel and cure. Using the same blue 3D gel from steps five and six, design the hands and feet of the dragon and cure.
Step 10
Use brown and white colour gel to create facial features, including eyes and a nose for the dragon, and cure. Finish with a top coat then cure to complete the design.