3D bunny nail for Easter

Kamila Borowiec Easter Sbs

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Scratch Stars Polish & Paint Artist of the Year 2023, Kamila Borowiec, used Kirsty Meakin products to create this 3D Easter bunny design and shares a step-by-step below.

Kamila Borowiec

“For 3D nail art, I would definitely charge over £100, as the time taken to create the design, level of difficulty and products used have to be taken into consideration,” she says. “The rabbit design took 30 minutes to create, but the full set on a client would take between two hours, 30 minutes to three hours.”

Step 1
Prep the nail and paint it with a pastel green gel polish. Cure.
Step 2
Using a light grey gel polish, create a wood effect by painting thin straight lines and nodes in random places across the nail, then cure. The wood effect will make it appear that the bunny is jumping into its house.
Step 3
Paint vertical lines down the nail with a darker grey gel polish to finish achieving the wood effect, and cure.
Step 4
Paint a horizontal half moon in the middle of the nail using black gel polish and cure.
Step 5
Pick up a bead of white acrylic (I used Kirsty Meakin Acrylic Liquid with White Lightning Acrylic Powder and Oscar The Wild Acrylic Brush) to create a round shape covering the beginning and end of the half moon.
Step 6
Pick up a smaller bead of the white acrylic for the bunny's tail and place on top of the previous bead, close to the black half moon. With small tweezers, create texture on the tail.
Step 7
On a flat surface like a painting palette, place down some clear tape and draw two paw shapes with a marker pen. Fill them in with white acrylic and peel off once dried.
Step 8
Buff the paws and stick them to the bunny with clear acrylic. Place one larger and three smaller beads of white acrylic directly on top of each paw to create its pads.
Step 9
Paint the pad shapes using a light pink gel polish.
Step 10
Using a grey gel polish, paint around the paws and the edges of the rest of the bunny to create dimension. Apply matte top coat on the bunny and gloss top coat on the rest of the nail, and cure to finish.