3D Easter bunny nails


Seasonal & Occasions, Step by Step

Scratch Stars Mixed Media Artist of the Year 2023, Melanie Lewendon, shares how to create this super-cute bunny nail design. 

Melenaie Lewendon

“It took 15 minutes to create the bunny nail art, and I would charge £40 to £45 on natural nails for the full set, minus the 3D ears,” she says.

Products used:

  • Halo Gel Polish in Swish and Matte Top Coat.
  • Crystal Nails Aurora Flakes.
  • Gold and white L&P acrylic powders from Nail Artists UK.
Step 1
Apply your chosen gel polish base colour and cure.
Step 2
Press metallic flakes into an cured layer of the base colour coat.
Step 3
Apply matte gel polish top coat and cure.
Step 4
Using the base colour, paint a design onto the bottom half of the nail and sprinkle with clear acrylic power to create a sugared effect. Cure, then brush off any excess acrylic powder and use fine glitter for a sparkly look.
Step 5
Paint a love heart onto the nail using a gold gel or gold acrylic paint, to represent the bunny's nose.
Step 6
Paint lashes and the bottom of the nose with tack-free black gel paint. Mix pink pigment powder or pink gel with a no-wipe top coat to make a glassy pink gel, and paint rosy red cheeks. If it looks tacky when cured, apply top coat to the cheeks with no-wipe top coat.
Step 7
Create 3D ears using white L&P acrylic on an Arabella form, apply gold metallic details and adhere to the nail.
Step 8
Add an acrylic bow, painting with the gold paint. If you do not want to add 3D elements, make the bunny's features smaller and paint the ears with white tack-free gel.
Step 9
Use the same techniques to create designs on the other nails.