3D flowers using Plastelin Gel

3d Flowers By Laura Peat

Floral, Step by Step

Lecenté educator, Laura Peat of Simply Koko shows how to create 3D flowers using Le Noir Plastelin Gel shades White and Neon Candy Pink, mixed with a bit of the shade Pastel Lemon Yellow to finish the look.

Step 1
Roll out a piece of your Plastelin Gel around a dotting tool or cocktail stick and cure.
Step 2
Push small beads of Plastelin Gel out into petal shapes using a 3D brush and water over some parchment paper.
Step 3
Pick up the petals and start laying, pushing them down at the base of your bud, working in one direction and slightly overlapping. Keep curing each petal as you go.
Step 4
Use a little bit of topcoat around the base of each petal to help secure them to each other.
Step 5
When you have built up a couple of layers, pop off your flower and secure it onto the nail using a dot of acrylic to secure it in place.
Step 6
Keep working more petals in underneath the bud, using topcoat on the underside of the petals to help build a little strength.
Step 7
Add bling and caviar beads to fill in gaps to help support the petals.