5 steps to create an ombré nail by Kirsty Meakin


Step by Step

Award-winning nail artist, Kirsty Meakin, shares how she created a classic ombré look using the Abba Dabba Brush from her range of products.

Kirsty Meakin products are available via www.kirstymeakin.com

Step 1
Pick up your chosen product with the Kirsty Meakin Abba Dabba Brush using a dabbing motion.
Step 2
Once the product is on the brush's sponge, transfer it onto a prepped nail, working from the tip upwards to create a blend. To blend the colour even further, you can use a clean sponge.
Step 3
When using gel polish, apply the colour directly to the nail and use the Abba Dabba Brush to blend it, by using a dabbing motion moving slowly up the nail.
Step 2
Repeat the steps above until you achieve your desired coverage and blend.
Step 4
Apply your chosen Kirsty Meakin top coat, either glossy or matte, to seal in the ombré.