Abstract Easter nails

Cat Leith Final Full Set Easter Abstract

Seasonal & Occasions, Step by Step

Catriona Leith, Scratch Stars Gel Tech & One Stroke Artist of the Year 2023, shows how to create this abstract Easter design using HD Pro products.

Catriona Leith Headshot

“Recreating this look should take around 10 minutes, so I would charge £1 to £2 per nail for the design,” she says.

Products used:

  • HD Pro Colour It! in Amber Honey.
  • Various pastel HD Pro Art Gels.
  • HD Pro Crystal Clear Acrylic Powder.
  • HD Pro Fine Liner Detail Brush.
  • Decoration needle.
Step 1
After prepping the nail, apply a nude matte base.
Step 2
Using two different Art Gels, paint abstract shapes onto the nail and ombré the colours together. Cure.
Step 3
Repeat step two in a rectangular shape on the opposite side.
Step 4
Using black and white Art Gels, outline the shapes so that they stand out and cure. Add a matte top coat and cure.
Step 5
Inside the shapes, create a zig-zag pattern with a bright colour to make it stand out, and cure. Using a decoration needle and black Art Gel, add different-sized dots to create a Mini Egg effect. Cure.
Step 6
Using a bright and bold Art Gel, paint a bow off-centre with the ribbon wrapping around the nail. Do not cure.
Step 7
Sprinkle clear acrylic power over the bow design to create a matted sugaring effect. Cure.
Step 8
Using white Art Gel and a decoration needle, fill the bow with dots. Cure to finish the design.