Bauble nail art

Lead Image The Pro Gel Baubles

Seasonal & Occasions, Step by Step

Recreate this Christmassy baubles design by following this step-by-step by The Pro Gel.

Step 1
Paint then cure your base colour. Either apply a matte top coat and cure, or wipe away the tacky layer, so you aren’t working on a tacky base.
Step 2
Draw the shapes of your 2 main baubles that you’ll have in the forefront.
Step 3
Using a contrasting colour, draw around the outline of the baubles.
Step 4
Using the same colour as step three, draw your desired design on the baubles.
Step 5
From the top of the nail, draw your hanging string to meet the top of the baubles. Add in two smaller baubles in the background, then add a string to them.
Step 6
Add some extra little details to your main baubles.
Step 7
Add some bows onto the smaller baubles, and some background dots.
Step 8
Add a top coat to complete the look.